Nevada DMV Newcomers Guide

New Nevada Residents have 30 days to obtain Nevada License and Registration

Here is a list of items you'll need for a typical out-of-state License & Registration transfer.
Your Valid, State-Issued Drivers License
This must contain your name and date of birth. If your license is expired, suspended or revoked, call to determine what you need to do.

Proof of Your Social Security Number
If your social security number is not printed on your drivers license, you will need to bring your social security card or other proof of your number.

Nevada Proof of Liability Insurance
Out of state insurance cards are not acceptable.
Make sure the name(s) on your insurance and registration match exactly.
Minimum liability insurance requirement is $15,000/$30,000/$10,000.

Smog Check Certificate if Needed
Exemptions include vehicles based in rural areas, motorcycles, vehicles older than 1968, alternative fuel vehicles and new vehicles registered less than two years.

Your Current Registration(s)
Nearly all trailers must be registered and titled.

Title(s), Unless Held By Lienholder
You have the option of retaining your out-of-state title. We strongly suggest getting a Nevada title if possible.

VIN Check(s)
Vehicle Identification Number inspections are done at DMV&PS offices. In Las Vegas, drive to the inspection station outside the main office first.

Your Out-of-State License Plates
Bring them into the office with you.

Fees–Cash, Check or Money Order
Drivers Licenses cost $20.50, $15.50 for those 65 and older.
Call us for a telephone estimate of registration fees.
Nevada charges basic registration fees and taxes based on the value of your vehicle.

Here is other, general information for New Residents
Driving Tests
All applicants take a vision test. Other tests will be waived if:
  • You are age 25 or older and have no special restrictions.
  • Your out-of-state license is valid and you are applying for the same class of license.
  • You have no more than 2 moving violations and no suspensions, revocations, cancellations or denials in the past 4 years.
If you do not meet these requirements, you will have to take a written test and possibly a skills test.

All 50 states share information on serious violations and license suspensions, revocations, cancellations and denials. No state can issue a license if there is an active suspension or revocation in effect in any other state. The state which issued the suspension or revocation must clear the driver. License suspensions and revocations can remain in effect indefinitely, even if the driver has taken care of the underlying court case.

Motor Voter
You can register to vote while applying for your drivers license.

Handicapped Parking
Nevada issues a placard which can be used on any vehicle or special license plates. The disabled resident must obtain a DMV&PS application and have it signed by a licensed physician.
Temporary placards are also available for short-term disabilities.

Personalized/Specialty License Plates
Personalized plates are limited to 7 letters and/or numbers. Specialty plates are available for Nevada universities, veterans, Purple Heart recipients, Ex-Prisoners of War, classic cars and a number of special groups and charitable causes.

Motorcycles & Mopeds
You must have a motorcycle drivers license to ride any size moped or motorized bicycle. Nevada does not automatically transfer motorcycle endorsements from California and other states which do not follow national safety standards. You may have to take written and skills tests.
Mopeds 50cc or less, with less than 2 horsepower, do not have to be registered. Motorcyclists are required to wear helmets in Nevada.

Water vessels are registered with the Nevada Division of Wildlife. Call 702-486-5127.
Trailers are registered with DMV&PS.

DMV Full Service Offices in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Brief Nevada Traffic Laws Summary

For more information vist the
State of Nevada - Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety web site.