Discover Las Vegas while driving with Uber

While there are many benefits to driving with Uber, including earning extra money, driving with Uber is also a great way to explore Las Vegas!

New to Las Vegas?
Pick up a side hustle driving with Uber. It will give you an opportunity to explore the streets of Las Vegas and earn at the same time! You can learn your way around your new city while driving and even find new neighborhoods you didn't know existed.

Frequent traveler?
Discovering new places is an amazing experience, but sometimes you can forget how much there is to see in your own backyard! Notice how when a friend or relative from out of town comes to visit you always happen to stumble upon an awesome new area in Las Vegas that you didn't know about? Well, driving with Uber can help you discover all sorts of places in Las Vegas too! While driving, you'll be earning money to enjoy some of those new locations you discovered. And as a flexible earning opportunity, you'll always have a side gig to come back to after your travels.

Even if you've lived your entire life in Las Vegas, you never know what you could be missing out on. While driving with Uber, you could drop someone off at an amazing new restaurant or music venue that you didn't know about. Passengers may even have local advice to share with you that you can pass along to the next person you pick up.

Whatever the reason you want to explore Las Vegas, driving with Uber can be a great way to discover new places and earn additional money at the same time!

Getting started
Want to get started? Read below to learn more about the requirements needed to drive with Uber and complete the Uber driver-partner signup form HERE.

Minimum requirements:
- Smartphone
- Eligible 4-door vehicle
- Valid driver's license
- Be at least 21 years old
- At least 1 year of licensed driving experience (3 if you are under 23)
- Vehicle registration and insurance